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Millennium Bank

Real Time Debit Card Processing

Millennium Bank will process all debit card transactions in real time starting January 27th.
With real-time processing, your account will automatically be updated whenever you use your Millennium Bank debit card. Debit card transactions will be immediately accessible in NetTeller and the Millennium Bank Mobile Banking app.

How it Works

When you swipe you card at a merchant, a pre-authorization will take place immediately. The pre-authorization will appear right away on your account and be visible in NetTeller. Once the merchant closes their debit card transactions and sends them for processing, the actual transaction will post to your account. Depending on when a business processes their activity, a transaction could be pending for 1 – 3 days.

Debit Card Authorization Vs. Posted Transaction

The pre-authorization and the actual posted transaction may differ in amounts, depending on where you use your debit card. The following are a few examples of when the pre-authorization and posted transaction may be different:
  • Automated fuel dispenser – Pre-authorizations will always be different than the amount posted to your account. The pre-authorization amount verifies the validity of the card and the transaction amount posted to your account will be for your actual fuel purchase.
  • Restaurants often authorize the transaction for 20% more than your bill. They will then adjust your transaction to correctly reflect the tip amount. This will be the amount that posts to your account.
  • Hotels usually pre-authorize for amounts greater than the agreed-upon amount to cover any incidentals or extra charges. At the end of your stay, the actual charges will be processed and posted to your account.
Please feel free to call us at 423-238-1111 if you have any questions regarding real-time processing. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing continued service enhancements.