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At Millennium Bank we understand that your time is valuable. That's why we offer our customers the convenience of online banking. With NetTeller you have access to your accounts anytime, anywhere.

Banking wherever, whenever and however you want is just a click away with Millennium Bank's NetTeller InterNet Banking. Now you can connect with us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with state-of-the art precision that provides you the freedom and security to do your banking on your terms. NetTeller is free to all Millennium Bank customers. Becoming a NetTeller customer is easy. Call or email today.


  • Account Information inquiry
  • Statement retrieval
  • Online funds transfer
  • Online loan payments
  • Current transaction listing
  • Product and rate information
  • Check Image viewing
  • Transaction downloads
  • Email


NetCheck Bill Payment

NetCheck offers the convenience of bill paying online. Pay your bills online to any person or business in North America with NetCheck. Powerful, yet simple and streamlined, NetCheck enables you to create a personal Payee List online and schedules payments to be made one time, in the future, or on a recurring schedule. With its separate password protection, NetCheck provides you with the accessibility, convenience and reliability you demand. Netcheck is free to all Millennium Bank customers. For more information about the additional benefits of NetCheck or to become NetCheck customer, call or email today.


Online Cash Management

Created for our Business and Commercial Customers, Online Cash Management brings our banking services into your office. NetTeller Business Customers have the ability to access and act on information - delivering to one customer or 10,000 simultaneously.


  • ACH originations
  • ACH file uploads
  • Floating reporting
  • Balance reporting
  • Credit line advances and payments
  • Account activity (throughout the day) & more

The data is real-time so you have access to the same, up-to-the-second information available in the bank - at your fingertips all day long. NetTeller Cash Management virtually puts a skilled bank employee into your office, 24 hours a day. For more information call or email us at onlinemgt@millenniumbank.com.


Mobile Banking

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Open an account and leave the bank with your printed customized checks in hand - thanks to Millennium Bank's investment in the latest in check printing technology.