Club Account

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Millennium Bank Club Accounts are packed with special benefits and perks. Call or email a Millennium Bank Banker for more information and a detailed brochure.

Financial Services

Low Monthly Fee

Receive all of the Millenium Club Plus Checking service for a low monthly fee of $9.00

Unlimited Check Writing

As a member of the Millennium Club Plus Checking account, you may write as many check as you want at no additional charge.

Personalized Checks

Our standard basic checks will be provided to you at no additional charge as a Millennium Club Plus Checking member.

Cashiers Checks

When you need a bank cashier’s check, just ask us. We will issue it a no charge. Limit three issues per month.

24 Hour Banking

Made easy with your ATM / Visa Check Card* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As a member of Community Club Plus Checking, there are no fees for withdrawals on bank premises. Some restrictions may apply.


As a Millennium Club Plus Checking member, you may be qualified for the Secure Accounts For Everyone (S.A.F.E.) automatic overdraft protection program. No monthly charge. Regular NSF paid item fee will apply.

*Subject to credit approval

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Interest Advantages

Earn Interest

As a Millennium Club Plus Checking member, you may receive interest on your account by keeping qualified balances. Interest compounded monthly.

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Security Benefits

$10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance with $100,000 Common Carrier Insurance, plus $2,500 Dependent Child

Coverage is provided immediately at no additional charge. If joint account, total coverage is divided evenly. You may elect additional coverage. This product is not insured by the FDIC. It is not guaranteed by the bank. It is not a deposit.

Living Family Journal

Create peace of mind from the convenience of your personal computer. Organize, record, and document personal, medical and financial information with your Living Family Journal.

Identity Theft 911

Identity Theft 911 gives you and your family the information you need to reduce your risk and protect against identity theft.  Consumer education features include the Identity Theft 911 Newsletter, FRAUDED threat alerts, and articles, all via website access.  The Identity Theft 911 program offers proactive measures and consumer education and resolution services in the event of an identity theft.

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Health Provisions

Prescription Drug Discounts

This card is available through the Neighborhood Pharmacy. You and your family will receive discounts on many of your prescriptions through local participating pharmacies.

Hearing Instruments Discounts

We have made arrangements with a hearing service for fantastic discounts on hearing instruments. Members receive free hearing exams and 15% off auditory devices at Beltone location or the availability to save 60% on mail order.

Prescription Eyewear Discounts

You receive guaranteed lowest prices on eyewear at thousands of location nationwide plus a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You also have access to a network of ophthalmologists, in selected markets, providing members 10% to 30% discounts on qualified procedures.

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Open an account and leave the bank with your printed customized checks in hand - thanks to Millennium Bank's investment in the latest in check printing technology.

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